The Soul Circle

Find you inner bliss as you journey to restoration, set yourself free to walk your spiritual path


You are ready to rise!

You are ready to find the peace and harmony that resides within you.

Making a commitment to yourself, to relax, heal and meditatate, means that you value your yourself.

Healing with people who are having similar experiences to you is a beautiful reminder that we as humans need to belong, we naturally want to help and support others.

You are looking for a safe place to be seen and to be heard.

Your soul is calling you to step into alignement and heal and grow.

Your Body Needs YOU to take action!

You will experience a number of helaing modalities

You will have the opportunity to develop your own skills and intuition

You will be encouraged to explore the spirit world

You will eb encouraged to align yourself with the life that you are dreaming of

Improve mental and emotional imbalances such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Relieve physical aches and pains.

Set yourself free from emotional baggage.

Reboot your DNA.

Receive deep transformation healing to expand your consciousness.

Connect to your higher self.

Raise your vibrations and develop your spiritual path.



What happens in The Soul Circle?

  • You will have access to a monthly group healing meditation session for your soul. Generally held as a live or Zoom at 7pm (GMT/BST) on the last Monday of every month.
  • You will have access to a monthly group development session. Generally held as a live or Zoom at 7pm (GMT/BST) on the second Monday of every month.
  • You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of healing methods.
  • You are invited to discuss topical content.
  • You will have the opportunity for personal development.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet new friends in a supportive community.
  • (As this is a new membership the content & fees may alter as the portal develops)

You are you ready to show up and relax – you deserves it.

You are ready to experience the power of healing, through my energy.

You are worth it

It’s time to say YES to you and step into balance and harmony.

It’s time to invest in your wellbeing

It’s time to belong to a heart lead community.

It’s time for you to heal and grow!

You are ready  to feel enlightened, empowered, inspired and begin your journey to transformation!

Connecting to my inner child was unbelievably powerful and I cried throughout the meditation. I already knew that my heightened responses to being ignored developed as a child but stupidly didn’t connect that my lack of worth also started at a young age. (UK)


This is an absolutely amazing experience… Very powerful, very moving and I’m so glad I undertook this. I have much more understanding of myself now. Jo Kelsall is so welcoming and supportive and created a safe, warm environment…. Can’t recommend her highly enough! (UK)


I have done 4 sessions with Jo, and it was awsome, it gave me strength to move forward and to continue my healing, I was more relaxed, and I have more clarity, compassion and patience with myself and the others. It felt strong but gentle. Thank you Jo. (Italy)