Raise your vibe & live your best life

Joanna Kelsall

I walk my path in truth and authenticity as a healer, teacher, and guide.

With a gentle, down to earth, and positive approach, I offer spiritual support, encouragement, and guidance to enable you to heal and grow on a personal and spiritual level.

Let go of the past and journey into your future.

Joanna Kelsall

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone to undertake anything with Jo, Healing, meditation, or the High Vibe energy. It is absolutely money well spent. A wonderful investment in yourself and something that will stay with you always.

Trace Turner
I don’t do great things. I do small things with great love – Mother Teresa

Can I help you?

Joanna Kelsall
Release the Past

Healing will help you to deal with deep routed emotional stress, let go of past trauma, and ease health issues, giving you the strength, confidence, and hope to move forward.

Transform into the Future

A session will gently lead you forward without judgement. You will gain the skills to let go of fear, doubt and guilt, you will feel the negative energy draining away, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, uplifted and free.

Relax and Revive

Each healing session will uncover new feelings of peace and calm. Giving yourself time to relax and revive will allow your physical, mental, and emotional body time to heal.

Getting to the core

Channelled Guidance will get to the core of the issue with positivity and listening ear.  leaving feeling uplifted, hopeful and optimistic.

Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist – Steve Jobs


General Healing

helps you to navigate the physical, mental, and emotional stresses & strains within your life, improving your general wellbeing.

Divine Angelic Resonance

A high vibe deep transformational healing that will expand your consciousness and awaken healing for your physical, mental, and spiritual energy fields. It will reboot your DNA and bring your soul back into a state of wholeness.

Spiritual Guidance

Gives you insight into your life situations. It will also give you the opportunity to connect to your loved ones in the spirit World.


will bring you the opportunity to face your fears and heal them, so that you can leap forward into a life aligned with your soul, step out of your comfort zone and start living the dream.

Angel Guidance

provides healing and guidance from the Archangels, you will also have the opportunity to connect with your own Angels and Guides.

Training and Development

will provide the opportunity for you to increase your own personal & spiritual connection. Learning to mediate can lead you deeper onto your own path. You may choose to help yourself and others as you upgrade your skills or find the confidence to become a healer yourself.

I can’t recommend Jo enough. Such a beautiful soul with such a powerful yet gentle healing energy. She has been my reiki teacher for level 1,2 and master and I also have had many card readings and healings from her. Her latest 3 card reading for me was s spot on and I could resonate with every word. My whole life has changed since I first spoke to Jo and she has helped me so much on my new path. There was a reason I was so drawn to her…and I’m so grateful I was!



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