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Joanna Kelsall

I walk my path in truth and authenticity as a healer, teacher, coach and guide.

With a gentle, down to earth, and positive approach, I offer spiritual support, encouragement, and guidance to enable you to heal and grow on a personal and spiritual level.

Let go of the past and journey into your future.

Joanna Kelsall

I stood in my power this week, I stayed strong and positive as I was faced with a situation that a short time ago would have had me shaken. I had scheduled a healing session last week, and the angels stepped and helped schedule it at the perfect time. During our time together Jo was answering the questions quietly on my mind before I even shared them with her. The work I have been doing on myself and changes I have been able to make these past few years are nothing short of miracles. This is thanks to the help and incredible support and guidance of Jo. Thank you Jo for believing in me even when at times I doubted myself and was way too close to giving up. For the first time in this lifetime I can say I’m truly excited about the future. 

I don’t do great things. I do small things with great love – Mother Teresa

Can I help you?

Joanna Kelsal

Physical pain and worry are common in everyone’s life. Reiki and energy healing can naturally provide relief, balance, peace, and harmony, together we heal.

Sometimes, past trauma causes us to hide in fear, but together we can release anxiety and overcome the fear of failure, not feeling good enough, deep pain, and not fitting in.

The heartache of losing a loved one brings deep pain and uncertainty. By connecting to them in the spirit world, you will find clarity within yourself and comfort in knowing that your loved ones are safe and always watching over you.

When life feels stagnant, leaving you stuck, overwhelmed, and lost, spiritual development can help you understand your purpose, leaving you valued, confident, and optimistic.

Connecting to something greater than yourself and trusting your inner knowing is uplifting, empowering, and life-changing. Let’s rise together.

Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist – Steve Jobs


General Healing

Reiki, Angelic, crystal, and energy healing offered by Joanna Kelsall supports you in navigating the physical, mental, and emotional stresses and strains of life. This comprehensive approach improves your general wellbeing, providing relaxation, pain relief, and supporting personal growth. Appointments are available on Zoom, in person, or via distant healing.

Divine Angelic Resonance

Jo invites you to experience Divine Angelic Resonance, a transformative healing energy that reaches the depths of your being. This powerful modality raises your vibration, awakening profound healing in your physical, mental, and spiritual energy fields. It has the remarkable ability to heal your DNA, restoring your soul to a state of wholeness. Embark on this extraordinary path to discover the profound effects of Divine Angelic Resonance within.

Spiritual Readings

Joanna Kelsall provides spiritual readings with the utmost dedication to fostering your connection with loved ones in spirit. Through these sessions, you have the opportunity to express unspoken questions and genuine affection. This beautiful bond brings forth exquisite healing, imparting a profound sense of tranquility.You can choose between Zoom or in-person appointments.


Joanna Kelsall presents you with the opportunity to confront and overcome learned behaviors and self-limiting beliefs. By investing in yourself and venturing outside of your comfort zone, you can embark on a journey towards a life that truly reflects your authentic self. The healing journal facilitates this transformative experience, enabling you to break free from the depths of fear and anxiety. Whether you prefer one-on-one guidance or the support of a group setting, the coaching that will guide you towards an authentic lifestyle.

Angel Guidance

Trained by Kyle Gray, Joanna Kelsall offers a transformative experience of angelic healing and guidance appointments. Discover the remarkable opportunity to connect with your own Angels and Guides through the use of oracle cards, meditation, and Jo’s profound angelic connection. Embark on a spiritual experience filled with unwavering support and profound insights that will provide the insight and support that you are looking for.

Training and Masterclasses

Joanna Kelsall offers Training and Masterclasses that will enhance your personal and spiritual connection. Acquire the skills to meditate, harness the power of crystals, and establish a profound connection with your guides, who will lead you further along your unique journey. Elevate your abilities and transform into a healthier version of yourself through mindfulness, Reiki or the Angelic Realm.

I can’t recommend Jo enough. Such a beautiful soul with such a powerful yet gentle healing energy. She has been my reiki teacher for level 1,2 and master and I also have had many card readings and healings from her. Her latest 3 card reading for me was s spot on and I could resonate with every word. My whole life has changed since I first spoke to Jo and she has helped me so much on my new path. There was a reason I was so drawn to her…and I’m so grateful I was!



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