The High Vibe Therapist

Raise Your Vibration & Nurture Your Mind, Body, & Soul


You are ready to step into your power and be you!

Fear and self-doubt are your biggest gremlins, giving control to those emotions will hold you back.

You will become more confident and focussed and you soul will thank you!

Giving yourself time to relax and revive will allow your physical, mental and emotional body time to heal.

You will be a calmer, healthier and more aligned version of you!

Overthinking causes you no end of stress and anxiety, a confused and overwhelmed mind will often be indecisive!

A deeper connection will leave you inspired, soothed and back on track! Loved ones often hold the answers that you are looking for.

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Grieving for the life you are dreaming of can be resolved by investing in you!

Joining a mentoring programme will bring you the opportunity to face your fears and heal them, so that you can leap forward into a life aligned with your soul and start living the dream!

A well balanced and aligned energetic body will maintain your general health and wellbeing. Imbalances are often noticed as physical pain and illness.

Your body needs time to heal through nurture and healing energy. Booking regular time in your diary will ensure you don’t miss out!

You deserve to make a commitment to you, your mind, your body and your soul need you!

General Appointments

Connect with Jo online for a 1 2 1 experience, where you become the focus.

High Vibe Therapy

 is a combination of spiritual techniques used to raise your consciousness through activation, healing, and release.


From time to time I run online spiritual workshops and group meditation and helaing sessions.

Deserve it? Want it? Need it?

It’s time to say YES to you, to be the change that YOU want to see.

It’s time to heal and own your life, the life that you are dreaming of.

You were born to shine, let me take your hand and guide to the life that you deserve.

Divine Angelic Resonance – I haven’t had this much energy in so long. I feel like it’s a new me. I am multi tasking and it feels good. I feel like my mind is thinking clearer. Like the fog has been lifted. (San Diego)


I have received a couple of session of healing from jo and its helped me immensely. I felt totally relaxed and after the healing was done I could definitely feel a shift of energy. Truly a wonderful experience and jo is extremely gifted. Very caring and compassionate. Highly recommended. (UK)


Jo is one amazing person, she is really genuine, down to earth and more to the point spot on with everything she said.

The connection was amazing, felt really warm and enlightened my soul further.
The guidance she gave was out of this world and I will treasure for the rest of my days, what a platform to work from. (UK)


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The High Vibe Therapist

The High Vibe Therapist

For many years I have been searching for a title that describes me and the work that I do. Over the years I have called myself a Healer, a Reiki Master, a Lightarian Facilitator, a Psychic Medium, a Holistic Therapist, a Baby Massage Instructor, a Guide, an Angel...

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Skincare products.

Skincare products.

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