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Reiki First Degree Training

The Reiki training programme covers both Shoden  – Reiki Level 1:  is hands on, and the emphasis is on healing family, friends, and yourself. The appropriate attunements will encourage self-empowerment, physical and emotional balancing, and spiritual development. * Early bird offer.

13th August 2024

6.30pm BST


Group Healing Meditation

Please join me for a healing meditation journey. Give yourself the time to relax and heal with a group guided meditation. I will gently guide you on a healing journey, where you will have the opportunity to connect to yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level.

12th August 2024

7pm BST


Healing Journal Masterclass

If you want a new tool to keep you inspired and on track in everyday life, this 6 step Journal masterclass is for you.

24th Sept, 2024

6:30pm BST


Joanna Kelsall

Joanna Kelsall

Joanna Kelsall is a renowned holistic and spiritual wellbeing consultant with over 20 years of experience. She specialises in guiding individuals on their journey to inner peace and personal growth through a variety of holistic practices. Joanna’s expertise encompasses meditation, spiritual counselling, and wellness coaching, making her a trusted advisor for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.

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