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What to expect from an Angel Guidance Appointment.

Firstly, you will be taken on a short, guided meditation to connect with your Angels, guides and loved ones. Jo will then connect to you on a soul level with the help of both yours and her angels and guides. Here you will be given messages of insight and wisdom, pinpointing any potential blocks along your soul path. Guidance will also be given during this part of your appointment to inspire & empower you to walk your path to freedom with ease, the Angels will tell you what you need to know.

Next you will be given the opportunity to ask up to three questions of your choosing, Jo will answer these using Angel oracle cards, her intuition, and messages from the Angels. Finally, Jo will channel healing from the Angels to you, often focussing on physical, mental, and emotional imbalances that have been recognised during your appointment.

Your Angels may offer you the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper and more meaningful level during your appointment with Jo.
An Angel guidance appointment with Jo will last up to 90 minutes, it can currently be delivered via Skype or Zoom.

Jo has been connected to the angelic realm for many years, she has qualified with Kyle Gray as a Certified Angel Guide, she has trained with Diana Cooper. Jo has completed various Angelic courses and workshops over the years, including Angel therapy, Lightarian Angel Links and Angel Reiki.

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