A New Healing Energy

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Divine Angelic Resonance is here!

Jo has been channelling a beautiful, gentle and powerful healing energy, now identified as Divine Angelic Resonance. It appears to have been gifted to us from higher dimensional beings, here to awaken our spiritual senses to a higher level.

The energy is pure and in the words of our loving divine beings of light “the resonance is powerful, life changing and serene”.

Jo is currently beta testing this sacred healing energy with a group of clients and here is what they say.

  • A sense of tingling coming down through my crown down around my ears and the side of my neck moving down through my body followed by what I can describe as a second heartbeat pulsating inside feeling.
  • Wow Jo that was very powerful my whole body became very hot but I had a cool breeze surrounding me, the room lit up a golden light and then it was like a white torch light was being directed right on my third eye.
  • I would summarise the whole experience as ‘an opening’ and feeling in a broader space of light and connectivity. Thank you, Jo.
  • I felt Angels all around me.
  • Different to anything else experienced before. Very loving.
  • I went really cold, but felt like something was being pulled from me and released. Thank you so much xxx

Treatments will be available from 9th February 2021, please contact us to pre-book your appointment.



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