The High Vibe Therapist

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For many years I have been searching for a title that describes me and the work that I do.

Over the years I have called myself a Healer, a Reiki Master, a Lightarian Facilitator, a Psychic Medium, a Holistic Therapist, a Baby Massage Instructor, a Guide, an Angel Guide, a Channel, an Oracle / Angel Card Reader, a Coach, a Teacher, a Mentor, a Lightworker and a Wayshower.

Whilst I am all of those things and more, I hold a vast array of modalities and qualifications, nothing has ever felt right. I have never been able to ‘label’ myself as something that covers who I am and what I do. I guess my ever-evolving business due to my own personal growth and development hasn’t made things any easier.

Over the past few day’s things have all fallen into place, and once more, I exchanged a few words with my husband, and the penny finally dropped. I heard a few words in my head – I had landed myself a title, a title that says exactly who I am, and where my energies come from.

I am The High Vibe Therapist, a title that I am proud to call my own, a title that I am proud to say is me!

Thank you, Spirit, and thank you Andy for leading me home to my title – I got there in the end.

Look out for the #TheHighVibeTherapist on social media, please use it when you tag my business page, or recommend me to others.

Now that I have shifted into alignment with my new name (my business name won’t alter), I am looking forward to aligning my services to the highest vibrations available to you!

Much love and blessings


The High Vibe Therapist

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  1. A high five for high vibe! Great name x


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