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Spiritual Channel & Guide

The heartache of losing a loved one brings deep pain and uncertainty. With Jo you can connect to them in the spirit world, you will find clarity within yourself and comfort in knowing that your loved ones are safe and always watching over you.

If you are seeking insight and guidance in your life or aiming for a deeper understanding of certain situations, you can book an online reading with Jo, which will take place on Zoom. For more information, please visit my shop.

Time in Worcester:

Joanna Kelsall is a skilled spiritual consultant specialising in intuitive readings. With her extraordinary gifts, she taps into multi-dimensional energies to deliver personalised spiritual messages of guidance and support. In addition, her mediumship abilities allow her to connect with and channel the energies of your loved ones.

Joanna’s warm and compassionate approach will instantly make you feel at ease, while her renowned readings are praised for their remarkable precision and accuracy. She operates from a place of love and empathy, and wholeheartedly offers inspiring and fulfilling messages of intuition and guidance.

It’s important to note that Joanna does not cover medical, financial, or pregnancy-related topics in her readings. As per UK law, she clearly states that her readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

You can schedule a 60-minute Zoom appointment with Joanna, taking into consideration the time difference, and feel free to bring any questions you may have. Joanna will also record the session for your convenience.

Limited in-person appointments are available in Worcester City Centre. Please review the provided disclaimer for further information regarding readings.

Why choose Jo

My very first card reading  was with Jo and she  blew my mind. Jo was so gentle, always asked if I was ok. Jo has helped me in so many way it’s unbelievable and I’m so grateful I got to talk with her.


Received a medium reading from Jo. It has brought so much comfort and happiness to many. The messages Jo has passed on have been spot on. Definitely 5* rating and will be returning again.


Jo is such a lovely person and gives great hope and strength with her readings. Can’t recommend her highly enough.


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