Welcome to Joanna Kelsall, Spiritual Celebrant. specialises in facilitating private Blessing Ceremonies

Are you seeking to add a unique and personal touch to an upcoming significant event?

I offers bespoke celebrant services, creating small, memorable, intimate, sacred ceremonies tailored to your personal story and preferred setting—whether it’s a serene natural landscape or the cozy confines of your home.

At certain moments in life, when we yearn to celebrate with our loved ones or immediate family, there is a desire to step away from the frenzy and embrace an authentic, personal experience designed exclusively for you.

I will guide you through the entire process with grace and respect, creating a deeply meaningful and heartfelt occasion.

If you’d like to discuss the types of ceremonies I offer, please feel free to contact me directly.

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. – Steve Jobs

Joanna Kelsall

‘Joanna’s ceremony was exactly what we needed. It felt like she tailored every word to resonate with our spirits. A truly unforgettable engagement ceremony in our favorite woodland spot.’

Emily & Josh

Celebration happens when the mind unites with the spirit. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How can I help you?

Over the years, many of us have yearned for a personal and peaceful celebration, yet we often disregard our own desires due to external influences.

Throughout my life, I have fostered a deep connection with the spirit world, and it is an immense honor for me to channel the energies of your loved ones. Even though they may no longer be present on the earthly plane, they continue to partake in significant events alongside you. It would be a privilege to facilitate this connection for all of you.

As an intuitive and spiritual channel, I will  channel all ceremonies live during your event. Prior to that, I will meet with you to thoroughly understand and discuss your wishes and desires.

Ceremonies for new family members, coming of age, engagements, new home, anniversaries, or marriages are available with Jo. With attention to detail, I will ensure that these significant moments are celebrated in a meaningful and memorable way. Whether it’s welcoming a new addition to the family, honoring a milestone, announcing an engagement, starting a new chapter in a new home, or commemorating years of love and commitment, ceremonies reflect the unique essence of each occasion. It’s an honour to curate and officiate these special moments, leaving a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Blessing Ceremony’s – cherish the memories of an unforgettable event.

Following our initial contact, the journey with me begins by confirming the date and location for your special occasion. Whether we connect online or meet in person, we’ll take the time to discuss your wishes and requests in detail. I’ll meticulously plan every aspect of your ceremony, ensuring it’s personalised and tailored to your unique needs. To ensure everything is just right, I’ll reconnect with you via phone or online.

Finally, when the day arrives at the confirmed location, I’ll be right there, ready to conduct your ceremony and create an unforgettable and meaningful, private experience.

Fees from £250


  • 2 meetings of up to 1 hour.
  • Shared docuuments as your ceremony evolves
  • Plan and lead ceremony of approximately 30/40 minutes, including live channelling.
  • Contact via email and Zoom
  • Certificate of even

Travel fees may apply, depending on location.


Our anniversary ceremony was exactly what we had dreamed of – an intimate and personal celebration. Jo’s presence and heartfelt words  added a profound meaning that will forever be etched in our memories.


Derek & Helen