The word that sums up my sessions with Jo is transformational!
Jo immediately made me feel at ease and I trusted her, which when going into inner child healing, is a massive thing for me.

I was stuck, in every aspect of life, not feeling worthy or deserving of success, and had no idea why. I was on a spiritual journey myself but always avoided inner child healing as I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable.

I approached Jo and she gently guided me, and always asked if I wanted to go there before continuing. Hi always makes you feel safe, even in deep meditation.

The things that have come up for me, I didn’t even think were an issue in my life. My meditations were SO clear, down the the décor of whichever location I was in and the clothes I was wearing and the age I was at the time. I felt so comfortable, I could allow everything that needed to come to me, come. I had conversations with loved ones and was able to close chapters and walk away.
I felt a huge weight be lifted, there was a reason for all of the limited beliefs I held; not being good enough, what will people think etc but I was able to fully play out the conversations and actually understand that that little girl/teenager/young women didn’t actually know any different and didn’t know who she was. She followed the crowd to be accepted.
Well, 4 sessions with Jo and absolutely no chance will I follow the crowd. All of my beliefs didn’t actually exist! My business is growing, my action is inspired, my relationships are healthier and more importantly, I believe in me, I have stepped into a whole new me who leads with her heart.
Thank you, Jo!