I have been having coaching sessions with Jo for over a year now, and in those sessions with Jo’s help I have been able to deal with and let go of past trauma. I feel this has helped me immensely and have been able to move on and start making future plans and be excited about things to come.

When Jo told me about the Angel guidance I was very keen because of how successful the coaching had been. The session was on a lot deeper level and so very powerful. For over 10 years I have been stuck and had lost my identity. Jo was compassionate, kind, supportive and encouraging, as well as completely honest.  The energy was beautiful and very strong and Jo was spot on with everything.

Through the session my whole room lit up with the most amazing golden light that both I and Jo could see on the screen. It was a beautiful experience, I felt safe and everything Jo said made sense and she was amazing with all of the information she was passing on, her attention to every detail was much needed and appreciated. I left the session feeling strong, empowered and for the first time in a long time seeing a future that I haven’t been able to see and knowing I have an identity rather than seeing the illness, I have felt my illness has controlled me and my life for over 10 years and I left the session feeling as though I had  been set free. It was lovely to get reassurance, guidance and encouragement from my angels and feeling there is a light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.

I will never forget my experience and would highly recommend it to anyone. Personally I have had therapies and counselling and feel very strongly Jo has been able to help me where others have failed. Also by dealing with the deep routed issues rather than just what is on the surface, including things that I didn’t realise they had affected me the way they had.  With her angels and guides working with my angels and guides I got help with everything that I needed. Jo is very generous with her time, her gift and her guidance and always messages after the session and for the next few days to make sure your ok and if you need any questions answered.

I will definitely have more sessions when needed. The advice and guidance I received is exciting and it feels brilliant that I actually know I am going in the right direction.

For me the experience has been life changing, so much so my family can even see the difference in me.  I feel eternally grateful to Jo and would encourage anyone to not think twice about doing it because you will not regret it.