Jo is just Incredible. I found her at just the right moment in my life purely through someone I know sharing her live video on Facebook. The first connection we had through a live video back in May, Jo said something that truly resonated with me and touched my heart. It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

Through all my grief in the coming months, Jo became the light I followed. I soon sought her out for a remote healing session which I was nervous for and a little unsure. Jo immediately put me at ease with her communication and it was the most extraordinary experience. Jo was able to validate everything I experienced in her feedback to me. It was after that I enrolled onto a spiritual development course which was amazing, Jo was a great teacher. To be able to link up with like-minded others during lockdown and a pandemic and to get to share these beautiful connections and energies was amazing.

I look forward to each connection I have with Jo, I hope, one day to get to meet her in her healing room for a face to face connection.

This review/testimonial was originally left on Facebook.