Spiritual & Personal Development

You Were Born To Shine!

Raise your vibrations and live your life in a more confident and enlightened way.


Open your spiritual doorway, and allow your chosen path to unfold.

It’s time to find your soul tribe, friends, clients and contacts who are aligned to the real you! 

You being called to understand yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Wanting to raise your vibrations and free yourself from your old way of life?

Learning to focus and quieten your mind, raise your spiritual awareness will help you to move forward into the future.

Learning some to relax and mediate affectively will improve your sleep and relieve your anxiety.

Be the YOU that lives a life to feed your heart and soul. A life that’s aligned to you!

The academy is a relaxed and friendly place to begin or continue your personal or spiritual journey.

Have you ever thought that there is something deeper and more meaningful in the world?

Have you ever felt like the odd one out and not able to fit in easily with others?

Have you been living a spiritual journey whilst not understanding who you really are?

You are not alone, you are spiritually awake and it’s time to take action!

Group Sessions and Workshops

Full details including dates of my spiritual workshops, group meditations and activations can be found on my Facebook Page.

You are worth it

It’s time to say YES to you and step into alignment.

It’s time to walk your path for you.

It’s time for your soul to heal and grow!

You are ready to ‘do the work’  to feel enlightened, empowered, inspired and own your journey to the real you!

 I can not highly recommend enough what a great teacher Jo is. She is kind paitent and dedicated to ensure you get the most out of your course. She puts you at ease and makes a learning experience a relaxing pleasure. (UK)


I’ve really enjoyed growing spiritually within Jo’s development group. I got to meet a lovely bunch of like minded people and the group energy we built was great! It’s helped me feel more confident and I’ve met some of my highest guides too (UK)


Jo has changed my life, I am much more confident in myself, I took the courses because I was in so much pain with my arthritis that I did not know where to turn. I used two crutches, now only use one on occasions. Jo is a wonderful teacher, she show care and compassion and always has time for you. I am in the future looking to starting my own Reiki business.(UK)