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Benefits of Baby Massage

Evidence has shown that Baby massage has so many benefits for both children and parents/carers, many of Jo’s clients have described the bonding process of baby massage like nothing they have experienced before. Her clients have also confirmed that the soothing and nurturing touch of baby massage has induced better eating and sleeping patterns for their children.

Mother & Baby

Suitable for Parents and carers

Learn to massage and strengthen the bond with your baby in the comfort of your own home. Jo has created an online course just for you, with a carefully written handbook and clear descriptive video tutorials, she will guide you step by step through all the carefully balanced combination of massage techniques. These include gentle stretches, soft gymnastics and the principles of yoga, reflexology and not forgetting the power of touch. Baby massage is a beautiful opportunity for your baby to gain reassurance from you and it can also reduce postnatal depression (PND).

Over the years Jo’s Baby Massage courses have taught many families coping strategies for things such as colic, reflux, sleep, teething and constipation.

Baby Massage may also help with:

  • Strengthening your bond
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • Reducing postnatal depression (PND)
  • Boosting immune system
  • Easing day-to-day infant issues.
  • Building confidence

Why choose to learn with Jo


Jo has been leading baby massage groups and sessions in Worcester since 2009. She trained with Helen McGuinness, is VTCT qualified, and has wealth of knowledge and experience within the early years.

VTCT Qualified

We started baby massage in January 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed every session. The friendly atmosphere and tutorials were first class. I’d also like to add a little side note that since having my baby girl I was diagnosed with postnatal depression/social anxiety and my aim for the new year was to survive a class with strangers. I feel we struck gold with Jo & Andy and their warm and comforting classes. I personally have learnt far more than just massage techniques and my confidence and bond with baby has never been stronger. Thank you so much.


What an incredible course! Jo’s instructions are so clear and easy to follow. The massage routines themselves are so beautiful and well-designed to create the most love-filled bond between you and your baby. Having this time to connect with your little one is so precious. Baby massage with Joanna Kelsall is a true gift and I strongly recommend all parents to incorporate this into their night time routine! So grateful to have come across this course!


Jo is lovely, a really great teacher with a very relaxed attitude, feels like you’ve known her for years after just a few minutes! The baby massage classes are lovely and its such a nice thing to do after bath time, my son loves it.


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Discover what the loving art of baby massage can do for you and your baby.