Back to School Distant Healing

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Do you have a school age child who is feeling anxious, worried or distressed about the new term?

Maybe it’s the start of a new school, class, teacher, or friends.

Maybe its food, separation or being part of a crowd.

Maybe its new subjects, a bus ride, or exams.

What ever it may be, I am offering group Reiki/Healing at 50% off to ease the stress.

I will send healing to all on the list on Sunday 3rd September @8pm & Monday 4th September @8:15 BST.

All you need to do is have your child relaxed and rested, or even sleeping, and I will channel the energy to all on my list.

The energy should bring peace & calm.

If you would like a space here is the booking link

The discount code is Back to School

I am also offering 50% off adult distant healing appointments for anxious parents supporting a child, teachers or an adult in need of healing or even just curious.

Andy is also offering 50% off healing appointments


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