Distant Empowerments & Attunements.

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For many years Jo has helped her students to integrate new spiritual energy into their lives through distant attunements and empowerments.

Jo runs regular group sessions via Zoom. Please look on the facebook page for more details, or contact her direct.

Attunements and empowerments will generally help with spiritual growth, development and healing.

Jo can attune you to the energy of:

Angel Fire Protection
Angel Reiki for Children
Angel and Unicorn Reiki
Angels of the Earth Animal Healing
Atlantean Crystal
Atlantean Crystal Angels
Blue Star celestial Healing
Buddha Bliss
Chromacolor firebody
Colour reiki for children
Dolphins of Atlantis
Elemental Earth Star Empowerment
Fairy Lightworker program
Goddess Guardians of the moon
Grandfather Moon
Guardian Angel Empowerment
Guru Ram Das
Imara Reiki
Joyful Wealth
Kundalini Activation
Magical Fairy Kisses
Magical Colour Reiki
Outside Influences
Power of Dragon
Quan Yins Lavender flame
Rainbow Light Healing System
Releasing Doubts
Soul Path
Stone Reiki
The Saints
The Shadow Self
Transmuting Self Sabotaging Behaviour
Unicorn Healing
Winter Solstice Empowerment
Womb Care


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