Have you ever accessed The Akashic Records?

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The records contain all the information about the past, present and future of everything, they don’t pass judgement, they are great for self growth and will give you access to your soul.

What are the akashic records.

The Akashic Records are like a huge cosmic library that stores everything that ever happened or will happen in the universe. They are made of akasha, which is a Sanskrit word for the fifth element of space or ether. The Akashic Records contain the records of every soul’s journey, including their thoughts, words, actions, and karma, the guardians of the records are light beings.

We can access the Akashic Records through meditation, intuition, or prayer, and get guidance or healing from them. The concept of the Akashic Records comes from ancient religions and spiritual movements like Theosophy and Anthroposophy. The akashic records are a wonderful source of wisdom and guidance for anyone who wants to access them.

What are the benefits accessing the Akashic records?

By tapping into the akashic records, you can learn more about yourself, your past lives, your purpose, and your potential. You can also receive healing, inspiration, and insight from the higher realms of consciousness. The benefits of the akashic records are endless and amazing!

What is an Akashic session with me likely to look like?

An akashic record session is a type of spiritual healing where you can access your soul’s history and purpose. You can ask questions about your past lives, your soul contracts, your karma, and your future possibilities.

Through meditation and spiritual hypnosis techniques we will go on a journey together, where you will enter a state of higher consciousness, connecting to your higher self, your soul.

During the session I will give you the opportunity to find the answers to your question, the reason for you having the session.

What does a session involve and what can I expect?

  • A zoom session with me will last up to 90 minutes.
  • You will enter a state of relaxation.
  • The session will be recorded for you and the audio link will be sent to you after the session for you to download and keep.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions before and after your journey.
  • I can tune into your akashic records for you and relay any information that you don’t receive for yourself.
  • Occasionally we might use oracle cards to gain clarity or confirmation.

Following your session, I will offer feedback and support that will benefit your journey, you might be encouraged to journal, meditate or continue healing.

Please reach out if I can help you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you found it useful. As always, I welcome comments and feedback, and please do share with anyone else who might enjoy the read.

Love and blessings
The High Vibe Therapist

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