How can Spiritual Grounding help you?

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If you have ever felt stressed, anxious, or disconnected from yourself and your surroundings, you might benefit from a practice called spiritual grounding. Spiritual grounding is a way of connecting your body and mind to the earth and bringing balance and strength to your whole being.

Spiritual grounding can be seen as a form of meditation that aligns your energy field with the earth’s energy field and keeps negative energies away. It can also help you feel more present, calm, and focused in your daily life.

What is spiritual grounding?

According to Journey to Ascension, spiritual grounding means having a solid spiritual connection to the Earth. It is an essential part of life in general, as well as if you are a spiritualist. There are a few reasons why you may need to ground yourself and why you may become ungrounded in the first place.

Some of the reasons why you may become ungrounded are:

– Spending too much time indoors or online

– Experiencing stress, anxiety or trauma

– Being exposed to negative energy or influences

– Having a lack of physical activity or contact with nature

– Being too focused on the past or the future

Some of the signs that you are ungrounded are:

– Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or spaced out

– Having trouble concentrating or remembering things

– Feeling restless, irritable or impatient

– Having mood swings or emotional instability

– Feeling disconnected from yourself or others

Spiritual grounding can help you overcome these challenges by reconnecting you to the Earth and its healing energy. When you are grounded, you are more present, aware and centred in your body and your surroundings. You are also more aligned with your true self and your purpose.

How does spiritual grounding protect us?

Spiritual grounding is a form of protection that can help us feel more balanced, calm, and secure in our lives. It can also enhance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. By reconnecting with the Earth and its energy, we can reconnect with ourselves and our purpose.

Spiritual grounding can protect us in many ways, such as:

– Improving sleep, energy levels, blood pressure and blood flow

– Normalizing the body’s biological rhythms

– Relieving headaches and muscle tension

– Accelerating recovery and healing

– Enhancing mood, creativity and intuition

– Clearing negative energy and emotions

– Strengthening our aura and chakras

– Boosting our immune system and resilience

These benefits are based on the scientific research of Clint Ober, who discovered that the Earth has an infinite supply of free electrons that can flow between the Earth and the human body when they are in direct contact. These electrons can neutralize free radicals and eliminate any static electrical charge in the body, restoring the electromagnetic balance we need to maintain optimal health and healing.

Some of the benefits of spiritual grounding are:

– Reduced stress and anxiety

– Improved mood and emotional stability

– Enhanced physical health and healing

– Increased creativity and intuition

– Greater sense of purpose and meaning

– Beneficial for spiritual hygiene

Spiritual grounding is not a mystical or complicated practice. It is a simple and natural way of reconnecting with yourself and your environment. By grounding yourself spiritually, you can tap into the infinite source of energy and wisdom that the earth provides and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

How can we practice spiritual grounding?

There are many ways to practice spiritual grounding, but the simplest and most effective one is to walk barefoot outside or sit in the grass. This is also known as earthing, and it allows us to directly connect our body to the Earth and receive its subtle energy.

Other ways to practice spiritual grounding are:

– Meditating or praying outdoors

– Hugging or leaning against a tree

– Gardening or working with plants

– Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

– Drinking natural spring water

– Using crystals or stones that resonate with the Earth element

– Wearing natural fabrics or colours that reflect nature

– Listening to nature sounds or music

– Doing yoga or tai chi outdoors

– Expressing yourself through visual arts using natural materials

The key is to find what works for you and make it a regular habit. You can start with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration and frequency. You can also combine different methods for a more holistic experience.

If you need further help, maybe I could help you?

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