Releasing under a Full Moon

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Welcome back to my blog! Today, let’s explore the significance of releasing under a full moon.

Releasing, the act of letting go, is a powerful way to clear your energy and make space for new opportunities. But what makes the full moon the perfect time for this practice? Well, the full moon represents culmination, completion, and manifestation. It shines its brightest, reflecting the sun’s light back to us, illuminating everything in its path.

This lunar phase reveals what has been hidden, showcases growth, and celebrates achievements. It mirrors our own cycles of growth and change, reminding us of the phases we experience – expansion and contraction, creation and destruction, birth, and death. As the full moon begins to wane, symbolising letting go and shedding, it invites us to release what no longer serves us, what holds us back, or what isn’t aligned with our true selves.

How can we release under a full moon? There are numerous ways, but some favorites include

  • writing down what you want to release and burning it,
  • meditating under the moonlight or candlelight,
  • using crystals to amplify your intention,
  • indulging in a ritual bath,
  • saying a prayer or affirmation.

These practices are just a few examples, as you can create your own methods or combine different ones. The key is to be honest with yourself, approach it with gratitude and love, and experience the transformative power of releasing under a full moon.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments! Stay tuned for more posts and thank you for reading.

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