Self-discovery and the Fifth Dimension

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The cosmic energies are sure leading us into the next version of ourselves right now, can you feel it?

Everything is accelerating at a speed we haven’t seen before, it’s incredible, it maybe even feeling a little scary, but it is happening, it is real, and we are not going mad!

For me it feels like a jigsaw puzzle, I created my outer edge, the frame many years ago. Since then, I have been gathering all the pieces, and right now it feels like the picture is appearing before my eyes. The time is now!

The picture on the puzzle is me, the authentic me, the latest revised version of me, the me that I have sweat blood and tears, and gone through deep transformative healing to become.

The latest version of me has been birthed, now rising gently onto the next one, it’s a journey not a destination.

The pieces of the puzzle are experiences, gained knowledge, obstacles, mistakes, challenges, achievements, happiness and sadness, feelings of being trapped, feelings of hope and feelings of joy. Every experience that we have been through is energetic data, that has been processed into something far greater.

Far greater because we have been quietly and maybe not so peacefully transforming, raising our consciousness, learning to look through our eyes with wisdom, gratitude, acceptance, and kindness. Raising our vibration, stepping into the energy of 5D, and leaving the heavy, denser matrix of the 3D behind.  We, as humanity are learning (being reminded, as we have forgotten of the thousands of years that have gone before us) to live from our hearts, understanding that it is more important to share kindness and acceptance than it is to be important.

Have you noticed how celebrities are showing up in their vulnerability, and offering kindness and generosity to their supporters? Lewis Capaldi, during his Glastonbury performance could so easily of walked off and let his fans down, instead he showed up in authenticity and allowed his fans to carry him. What has he done for humanity? He has shown every single person watching that mental ill health is real, it doesn’t choose who it hits, but most of all, it’s ok to be yourself. Andy Murray, just a few days ago invited one of his fans into the royal box during his Wimbledon appearance, why because he had heard that she had been held hostage a few years ago. While being held, she was given limited television access, she said they gave her a gift as it was the Wimbledon final, and she got to watch her favourite player win. That was Andy Murray, so in 2023 she was sat behind the Princess of Wales, in the Royal box.  It’s more important to be kind, than to be important……

Humanity is rising.

The Planet is rising.

Consciousness is rising.

We are seeing change before our own eyes, if we stop and take the time to observe.

As we raise in consciousness, and look back, what do we notice? Things that were once important no longer bother us. Having the latest Iphone, the fastest car, or the designer label are not important, they might be nice, but they are no longer the be all and end all. We are more conscious of our actions, the animal kingdom, wildlife, or oceans, carbon emissions the list goes on, living from a 5D heart space, we notice greed and extravagance, we notice those who are yet to awaken still focussed on sharing their ego, and assuming that they are obviously more important than you! One day they will awaken, until then stand in your own power, focus on aspiring into the next version of you, expanding the consciousness of your heart, your soul, and sharing the love and kindness that you are here to be!

Healing you, raises your consciousness, sets you free from past trauma, empowers you, inspires you and in turn heals humanity on a collective level. It heals your blood line, your ancestors, and past versions of you.

We continue to transition through the cosmic ages, 5th Dimension, the age of Aquarius – step into your light as you illuminate your path in this lifetime. Old frameworks are crumbling, we are moving away from what we once knew, we are ascending into the new age.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you found it useful. As always, I welcome comments and feedback, and please do share with anyone else who might enjoy the read.

Love and blessings


The High Vibe Therapist

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  1. Thank you, Jo
    I deeply appreciated reading this blog. You are right. Through our experiences, the option for growth is available to all of us.
    Thank you for both showing and sharing your own vulnerability as you continue to grow in opening yourself up to energetic change.
    You inspire so many of us.
    Thank you.
    Love and blessings on and to you.
    Kit xx


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