The 12 Universal Laws

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The 12 Universal Laws: A Guide for Personal and Professional Growth

Have you ever wondered why we need the 12 universal laws? The principles that govern the universe and everything in it. Well, they are there to help us create our own reality and live in harmony with ourselves and others. They are like the rules of the game that we all agreed to play by before we came here. They are not meant to limit us or punish us, but to guide us and support us. They are the keys to unlocking our true potential and happiness.

By understanding and applying these laws, we can align ourselves with the natural flow of life and achieve our goals more easily.

This blog post will explain what each of the 12 universal laws is, how it works, and how you can use it to improve your life.

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The law of divine oneness states that everything is connected to everything else. We are all part of the same source energy, and we affect each other with our thoughts, feelings, actions, and words. What we do to others, we do to ourselves, and what we do to ourselves, we do to others.

To apply this law, we need to acknowledge our belief and act with compassion, kindness, and respect towards ourselves and others. We also need to be mindful of our thoughts and emotions, as they create our reality and influence the collective consciousness.

2. The Law of Vibration

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe is energy and has a frequency. Nothing is static or solid; everything is constantly moving and vibrating at different speeds. The higher the frequency, the more positive and powerful the energy; the lower the frequency, the more negative and weaker the energy.

To apply this law, we need to raise our vibration by choosing positive thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. We also need to avoid negative influences that lower our vibration, such as fear, anger, guilt, or resentment. By doing so, we will attract more positive experiences and opportunities into our lives.

3. The Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence states that as within, so without; as above, so below. This means that our outer reality reflects our inner reality, and vice versa. Whatever we see in our physical world is a mirror of what is happening in our mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

To apply this law, we need to take responsibility for our inner state and change it if we want to change our outer circumstances. We also need to pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that show us how we are aligned with the universe and our higher purpose.

4. The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. This means that whatever we focus on, we attract more of into our lives. Whether it is positive or negative, we draw to us what we think about, feel about, talk about, and act upon.

To apply this law, we need to be clear about what we want and why we want it. We also need to visualise it as if it has already happened, feel the emotions associated with it, and take aligned and inspired action towards it. We also need to be grateful for what we already have and trust that the universe will deliver what is best for us.

5. The Law of Inspired Action

The law of inspired action states that we need to act to manifest our desires. However, not any action will do; it must be inspired by our intuition, passion, and purpose. Inspired action is effortless, joyful, and aligned with our highest good.

To apply this law, we need to listen to our inner guidance and follow our excitement. We also need to overcome fear, doubt, procrastination, or resistance that may hold us back from acting. We do need to be flexible and open to new opportunities and possibilities that may arise along the way.

6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy states that energy can never be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. This means that everything in the universe is constantly changing and evolving; nothing stays the same.

To apply this law, we need to embrace change as a natural and inevitable part of life. We also need to use our power to transform negative energy into positive energy by changing our perspective, attitude, or behaviour. We also need to remember that we have the potential to create anything we want with our energy.

7. The Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause-and-effect states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that whatever we do or don’t do has a consequence; we reap what we sow. We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives; nothing happens by chance or coincidence.

To apply this law, we need to be aware of the consequences of our choices and actions. We also need to make sure that they are aligned with our values and goals. We also need to learn from our mistakes and use them as feedback for improvement.

8. The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation states that we get what we give. This means that whatever we put out into the universe, we receive back in return. Whether it is money, time, energy, or love, we are compensated for our contributions and services.

To apply this law, we need to be generous and give without expecting anything in return. We also need to be open and receptive to receive what the universe has to offer us. We also need to value ourselves and our work and charge accordingly.

9. The Law of Relativity

The law of relativity states that everything is relative; nothing is absolute. This means that everything in the universe can be compared to something else, and nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it. What may seem good or bad, right, or wrong, big or small, depends on our perspective and perception.

To apply this law, we need to avoid judging ourselves and others based on our limited point of view. We also need to appreciate what we have and not compare ourselves to others. We also need to use challenges and difficulties as opportunities for growth and learning.

10. The Law of Polarity

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite; everything is dual. This means that everything in the universe has a positive and a negative side, a light and a dark side, a yin, and a yang. One cannot exist without the other; they are complementary and interdependent.

To apply this law, we need to balance the opposites within ourselves and in our lives. We also need to accept and integrate both aspects of ourselves and others, as they are part of the whole. We also need to use the contrast between the opposites to create harmony and equilibrium.

11. The Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm states that everything moves in cycles; everything has a rhythm. This means that everything in the universe follows a pattern of ebb and flow, rise and fall, expansion, and contraction. Nothing remains constant; everything changes with time.

To apply this law, we need to go with the flow of life and not resist or fight against it. We also need to adapt to the changing circumstances and seasons of our lives. We also need to remember that nothing lasts forever; everything is temporary.

12. The Law of Gender

The law of gender states that everything has a masculine and a feminine principle; everything has a male and a female aspect. This means that everything in the universe has both creative and receptive qualities, both active and passive modes, both logical and intuitive faculties.

To apply this law, we need to balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and in our relationships. We also need to respect and honour both aspects of ourselves and others, as they are equally important and valuable. We do need to use both sides of our brain and both types of intelligence for optimal performance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you found it useful. As always, I welcome comments and feedback, and please do share with anyone else who might enjoy the read.

Love and blessings


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  1. I am so grateful to you for sharing these Universal Laws as I believe we all need reminding of them, even if we think we know them all.
    Love and light,
    Fiona xx

    • You are very welcome, I agree, reminders are always good 🙂


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