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Stepping out of your comfort zone and ‘coming out’ can be a scary and daunting thought. I began my public Spiritual journey as Indigo Iris, often known as Indie – it was too big for me to put my face or my name to what I did. Was I good enough? What would people think of me? How would I explain myself? All those feelings of self-doubt, insecurities, fear of being belittled, fear of being myself, fear of being seen, were rolling around my head causing me pain and holding me back, leaving me to wonder why I wasn’t getting the work, even though I had put myself out there.

After a while, I felt that I needed to be brave and put my name to my work, I became Rainbow Jo, the spiritual messenger for Rainbow Wings. Work began to trickle in, the people who knew what I did could now find me – Rainbow Wings was an established business, offering holistic treatments, healing, and reiki training. Did I feel aligned with who I was – no, things still didn’t feel right. Seeing other spiritual readers and healers succeed still left me feeling undervalued and insecure. Was I good enough to do what I was being called to do, even though I was reaching clients from around the globe?

Back in the spring of 2019 business was slow, and my mental, emotional, and financial needs were not being met. It was make or break time for me and my opportunity to serve was feeling like it had to come to an end. I held my faith, trusted my intuition, and stepped into my power. I owned what I did, I claimed it, it was mine to share. I dug deep and found the courage to put my name to my work, I had answered my calling – JoannaKelsall.UK was born, a new thread of light for Rainbow Wings.

The magic began to unfold, I felt aligned, proud of what I did, and the guilt of feeling different drifted away. I let go of fear and self-doubt, I stayed in my own lane and stopped judging myself against the success of others. I began to realise that nobody else could be me, and I could not be the same as anyone else either. Business improved as I became more settled within myself.

March 2020 and Covid-19 reigned me in – I could no longer meet clients in person as I was concerned for the safety of my elderly Mum, she has health issues and lives in the same house as us. I now had the opportunity to do what I had been wanting to do for ages but had not had the time. Baby massage was taken online, we spent the time creating video tutorials to help those who couldn’t get out to classes.

Lock down arrived and brought many emotions, the opportunity to be still and reflect, the opportunity to rest, and to look at the world through different eyes. Why had I been spending my life chasing my tail and getting nowhere? Why had I been getting fed up not being able to find the right room for training? Why had my students been rescheduling at the last minute? I was not aligned with my business; I was not listening to my inner voice and the whispers of the universe! Left with no choice, put your business online Jo, or don’t work at all. I did just that, I showed up more and more online, I showed my vulnerability as well as my success, I tuned into the needs of the people, ‘my tribe,’ those who follow me for who I am. I pushed outside of my comfort zone, I began training students online, students were showing up and for the first time in a long while my classes were full again. My people were at home, life had stood still for many, yet my diary was slowly filling up, I was running offers, services for donations – using my inner knowing to tune in and give the people what they needed most.

The Joanna Kelsall Academy was launched – again I was owning what was mine, no longer feeling the need to hide behind my business name. I had the time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t – My business is international, my business is 90% online, my business has grown – Covid-19 gave me the opportunity to see through my eyes with courage, strength, and wisdom.

I owned it, I stood in my power – This is who I’m meant to be, this is ME!

I am looking forward to the time when it is safe for me to step back out and meet my clients in person again, bringing love and light to the people of Worcester once more, I will of course continue to share my love and wisdom with ‘my people’ online enabling me diary to fill and my business to grow once more.

If reading this inspires you and gives you the courage to do the same – I am happy.

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  1. 2020 has been the year for you, you have made me think in a different way, made me more confident in myself which a couple of people took from me, when the time is right I will be there. I have you to thank for that, thank you for your teaching and spending the time with me.


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