Where is the old version of me?

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Here’s my story.

Once upon a time, there was a confident, competent, enthusiastic business woman, who had the focus and determination to be the best person that she could be.

As the years went on she lost sight of who she really is, she has noticed that her confidence has decreased, her drive and determination are weak. she is not the person that she once was!

She has lost her identity along the way, she has morphed into the woman on the screen who talks to angels, the daughter, the carer and the wife. And while she knows and understands that some people still see her, she certainly doesn’t see herself.

She misses the old version, the empowering business woman, the energetic and inspirational leader, the go getter, the younger version who had an endless potential ahead of her. She misses her drive and determination, but most of all she misses who she once was.

She used to have the self-confidence to follow her dreams, the warrior in her took action and did things alone, the determination in her made her goals achievable.

She bounced back hurdle after hurdle and battle after battle, only to become more successful, why, because she was a strong and fiercely independent woman. She has overcome major health issues, and still came back fighting.

She was seen as the ‘business woman’, as sad as that was, she was seen, she was respected and acknowledged by those closest. Seen as being in a high profile job, sadly gave her credibility and power within those with narrow minded eyes.

But being self- employed brings so much more than the full-time high profile job that she was seen for and apparently gave her credibility and power! Even though self employment is hard work, demanding, isolating, lonely and at times even disempowering. There are no colleagues to motivate her, there are no line managers to assist her, no paid leave, or anyone to do her job while she is not there.

She is lost, she is not seen and she is tired!

She is ME!

When we as women step into our wise years, it becomes apparent that the Menopause can strip us of our identity, our confidence, and the life we once knew. Menopause years are not a decline, but a new chapter of our journey. Menopause years are not a disease or a problem to be fixed, but a natural and normal phase of life that can be welcomed with enthusiasm and optimism.

It’s time to find the new Jo, the wise one, the confident one, the passionate one, the focussed and driven one. The one who feels valued and recognised for who she is.

There is a bigger purpose out there for me, something I am yet to discover, but my needs matter, and so do yours!

Its time to reclaim my power and purpose, its time to step into my Crone years with excitement, passion and wisdom.

It’s time to build on the foundations of my earlier years, bringing forward the skills and knowledge acquired along the way, as I embrace this chapter with strength, love, compassion and wisdom.

I see myself for who I am, and not how others see me. It’s time to embrace a version of me that at times feels a little alien.

It’s time to find me!

And she lived happily ever after.

The End!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as always, I welcome comments and feedback, and please do share with anyone else who might enjoy the read.

Love and blessings
The High Vibe Therapist


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