Why has my reading style changed?

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Over the years the way I connect and deliver messages to you from spirit has changed. As we expand our consciousness and grow spiritually of course it brings change.

Many years ago, when I first began to offer readings, I would give myself the label of a Psychic Medium, it felt right because that’s what all people like me were called, right?

As I began my journey into the spiritual world I studied and gained qualifications in colour therapy, Reiki, Indian head massage and a number of other therapies. Through these treatments it very quickly became evident that my path was becoming more ‘psychic’. I was seeing, hearing and reading energy very early on.

Back in 2006 and during this time of study I also sat in a local meditation circle where we would go on creative visualisations, learn relaxation techniques and look at each others auras. I signed up for Angel workshops, and qualified as a meditation teacher myself. I have never attended a spiritualist church and until recent years all of my knowledge has been gifted to me by Spirit.

In 2017 I stepped up another gear, I qualified with a distinction in Mediumship. In 2019 I qualified with a distinction as a spiritual life coach, and in 2020 qualified as a Certified Angel Guide with Hay House author Kyle Gray. During these years I also had the privilege of working with my mentor who has helped me to accept myself for who I am, and understand the triggers and wounds of my own shadow.

So things are always changing, and in turn this means that my reading style changes too. The psychic medium in me would have sat with oracle cards as a security blanket as I tapped into your energy, gaining messages from your loved ones and helping you to see your future.

Today, my psychic readings are known as ‘Spiritual Guidance’, I channel the energy of the Angels, higher beings of light, your higher self and your loved ones. I help you to connect to your own wisdom and inner knowing, and to bring clarity, hope and healing into your life.

Yes, I can, and will still connect to your loved ones for you, skills we have learnt and gifts we have been given will never go away. I can, and will look forward into your life with you, this in general will bring clarity and confirmation.

If you are looking for a medium to tell you there is a man in a flat cap, who lived somewhere beginning with the letter R, his birthday was in June and he passed in December, I am not your girl!

Your loved ones will make themselves known, they will always pass on what you need to know for validation. My guides don’t give me your full life history – it’s your business not mine, so I always ask that if a client doesn’t understand what spirit are talking about, to let me know so that I can tap in deeper for more information.

My readings have changed, because I have changed, I have grown, I have upskilled, I have found my unique frequency and followed my own light. What you need from me has changed too, my clients need clarity, inspiration and hope. They need guidance, understanding and awareness, and not forgetting the comfort of knowing that their loved ones, guides and Angels are walking hand in hand bringing love and encouragement.

I have worked with many clients over the years, I am so grateful to them all for connecting with me, for their repeated custom and recommending me to family and friends. I love feedback too, here are some of my reviews.

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Your loved ones are always with you and your inner wisdom is your guiding light. Trust what you believe is right.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Much love and many blessings



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