Why is there a noticeable change in my consciousness

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Today I saw a post on Facebook which led me to this realisation.

When I read back through Facebook memories I cringe at the person I once was! How I would blame others for my unhappiness, how I was more aligned to being the victim than I am now. Other humans would create the vibration and suck me in.

Not anymore, I have been aligning with who I am quietly in the background.

Remember 2012, when the earth was supposed to end? Well it actually did, the world as we knew it did, and we as a collective began to rise. And 2021, we grew again, we stepped into the new age, a new cycle, The Age of Aquarius, and we are shifting so fast that we don’t always see it. We feel it.

Releasing your old skin, the old (energetic) version of you can be uncomfortable, but it is so very worth it. Bringing our ego into balance with our higher self can be challenging, but beneficial to our growth. Bringing your shadow out of the closet is one of the most valuable things that you can do for yourself, so bring the real you into the light and be the more confident, aligned version of you.

I’m here holding your hand and shining my light for you, illuminating your path, for you to acknowledge, process, align and heal.

You are so worthy.

You are so loved.

I have been slowly tiptoeing forwards for many years and I’m now sprinting! Recognising our lessons and triggers is not easy, but we are living this lifetime to learn and grow.

You are ready to step into your light, let me take your hand and guide you towards freedom. Book an appointment, or let’s have a chat and see if I can help you.

I salute you!


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