Brings mental, emotional balance, and pain relief

Spiritual Energy Healer

Are the physical, mental, and emotional stresses & strains of everyday life challenging your health and wellbeing?

An general healing appointment with Jo is deeply relaxing and will enable you to enter your own personal state of pure bliss allowing you to release the energies that are impacting on your life.

Jo’s energy is powerful, strong, loving, & gentle. You are likely to leave your appointment feeling lighter, brighter, calm, and relaxed.

Jo doesn’t take any responsibility for introducing you to the power of relaxation!

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General Healing 

Distant Healing

Jo has always had a natural ability to heal others, her healing hands, compassion, and intuitive instinct, work in unison to put you at ease during an appointment with her.

In general, a healing appointment with Jo will help you to ease physical pain, bring mental and emotional balance to your inner and outer world, and help you to maintain a stronger sense of wellbeing.

Regular healing sessions with Jo can provide faster and more significant results. Each session you have with her will shift you to a deeper level of healing, enabling you to heal & release any energies causing you pain, and/or imbalances.

Jo can also focus the energy on a specific physical ailment, situation or energetic imbalance if you wish.

A general healing session will lead you into a deep state of relaxation, balance your chakras, ease pain and nurture you with TLC. Just sit or lie back and make yourself comfortable, whilst Jo channels healing energy to you.

Jo works intuitively, and channels the energy of the Angels, Divine Angelic Resonance, and Reiki as she holds a sacred space for you to release and heal any physical, mental, or emotional pain and suffering. She will always invite the highest energy available to assist you, or you can choose for yourself.



Online (zoom) 

Expect Transformation!

Are you feeling lost, frustrated, or unable to move forward in life?

Grieving for the life that you wish to live can bring no end of fear, guilt, inadequacy, or a feeling of just wanting to give up. Deep healing can help you to release old wounds and set yourself free.

Did you know that when we work back through the layers of our insecurities and self-limiting beliefs, more often than not we arrive back at our childhood situations and experiences that are imprinted and impacting on our lives today.

When connecting with Jo you will have the opportunity to rise from the hidden depths within yourself, releasing things such as self-doubt, anger or frustration. Step right into the amazing you with love, confidence and pride.

You will have the opportunity to open up and understand yourself fully, working through emotions and thought patterns that are preventing you from living the true authentic life that is calling you.

A deep healing appointment with Jo will help you to recognise, acknowledge and release your lower energies such as:

• Not feeling good enough
• Anger
• Self-limiting beliefs
• Co-dependency
• Pain
• Abandonment
• Self-doubt

Once you have acknowledged what needs to be healed, Jo will use this as a starting point. She will hold space for you as she takes you on a guided visualisation. You will embrace your healing by revisiting the past and cutting through energetic chords. It is likely that you may require more than one session to enable you to receive the full benefit.

When we acknowledge the emotions that are holding us back, we are able to clear the past, increase our vibrations and expand our consciousness. We can set ourselves free from repeating the same belittling thought patterns that are preventing us from living in anger, frustration, sadness and pain.

Jo will help you work through these energies with shadow work and inner child healing. She will dedicate herself fully to helping you to set and achieve your own goals as you heal & transform your life.

Appointments can be on Zoom.

Jo works only from a place of love and compassion, opening her heart to help you. She will assist you in your healing process, promoting pain relief and relaxation.

Jo strongly recommends a block booking of four or more consecutive weekly sessions if you have a recurring or specific issue such as physical pain, deep set mental or emotional imbalances.

Regular healing will get you back on track.

Although Jo’s clients often have profound and wonderful experiences, she does not claim to cure you, she encourages you to continue with any medically prescribed treatments and medication.

What Jo’s clients say

The Inner Child Healing with dear Jo is a very uplifting and an amazing experience. It addresses all kinds of traumas and other negative experiences from childhood. I was really feeling stuck and now after this session with Jo, I am more confident, brave, and decisive. I would recommend the Inner Child healing to everyone who had negative experiences in their childhood.


This is an absolutely amazing experience… Very powerful, very moving and I’m so glad I undertook this. I have much more understanding of myself now and I am looking forward to repeating this soon. Jo is so welcoming and supportive and created a safe, warm environment…. Can’t recommend her highly enough!


I joined Jo for an inner child healing session and felt quite anxious, knowing that my inner child had a very bumpy childhood. Jo was calm, reassuring and gentle. The experience of meeting my inner child was powerful and deep. It gave space to reflect on things from a different perspective, without judgement and surrounded by love.


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