Divine Angelic Resonance

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Channelled by Joanna Kelsall, this higher dimensional healing energy is here to awaken your spiritual senses and provide deep transformational healing for your soul.

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What is Divine Angelic Resonance? Divine Angelic Resonance is an energy here to awaken our spiritual senses. It is powerful, life changing and serene. This energy will provide some deep transformational healing as you expand your consciousness, awakening healing for your physical, mental, and spiritual energy fields. It will reboot your DNA and bring your soul back into a state of wholeness. Appointments consist of  a blend of spiritual techniques designed to raise your consciousness through activation, healing, and release. Let me lead you along your healing path as you transform your life to awaken & align spiritually. During a session you will receive a transmission into the higher realms – this will be aligned to the frequency of your soul’s next mission, transmitting codes and frequencies to help you to align and reset to your life’s purpose. As we journey deeper together, we shift trapped energies, heal past trauma, align you to the future and reclaim your wholeness. As you become connected to your subconscious, you may feel extremely relaxed, but you will remain fully awake throughout the session.

What happens during an appointment?

  • All sessions are currently held via Zoom.
  • During your appointment I will hold the most sacred space for you, as we embrace your healing path together.
  • Although the session will be structured around your needs, the basic framework will consist of:
  • A Live channelled meditation journey to connect you to your subconscious,
  • Spiritual and intuitive guidance to help you establish your blocks/imbalances, triggers and bring clarity into your life.
  • Divine Angelic Resonance healing energies will bring healing and clearing to your past, present and future. Healing will also bring balance and alignment for you, as you release the past and step into your future.
  • Appointments usually last between 60-75 minutes.

Please be aware of any time difference as Jo is based in the UK (GMT/BST) Please contact us for more information. Before you purchase, please note the following:

  • You have access to the internet and knowledge of Zoom.
  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell. – this appointment is not an alternative for professional medical advice
  • You have the openness to receive and accept the healing.
  • Please note that communication will be in English and soul/ light language.
  • Full payment is required at time of booking to confirm your appointment.
  • You are required to complete a consultation form.
  • Admin fees may be charged for rescheduled appointment.

Once you have purchased, please contact us to book your appointment. All purchases are subject to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. Regardless of any information passed on to you, we ask that you make up your own mind and we do not take responsibility for any actions that you take under your own free will. We do not offer medical nor financial advice. Due to Government legislation, we must inform you that spiritual guidance is for entertainment purposes only. Divine Angelic Resonance is only available with Joanna Kelsall. Due to it being a new energy, frequencies, downloads, and information may change in time.

9 reviews for Divine Angelic Resonance

  1. Tracey

    Had another lovely angelic resonance healing with Jo, so powerful but gentle and relaxing at the same time. Each healing has uncovered new feelings of peace and calm. I have experienced seeing the most beautiful colours as well as feeling as if i was being rocked and held. A wonderful healing session that i will be eager to repeat. Thank you Jo 💖

  2. Jennifer

    I haven’t had this much energy in so long. I feel like it’s a new me. I am multi tasking and it feels good. I feel like my mind is thinking clearer. Like the fog has been lifted.

    (San Diego)

  3. Lisa

    I have had several sessions with Jo, coaching and healing. Divine Angelic resonance is a very beautiful, powerful but gentle, calming positive energy. Jo is a very kind, generous person with her time and energy and having regular appointments has changed my life literally. She has helped me let go of past trauma, helped me build self confidence and grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. I treasure Connecting with Jo and the Angels. I am now achieving things I never thought possible as we have made a path by letting things go that we’re holding me back

  4. Raneshree Moodley ( Krish )

    I was blessed to receive Divine Angelic Resonance from dear Jo this morning. Wow, what an experience!!! I could feel the stress, anxiety and tension of daily life ebbing away. I was re-energised, felt light and floaty like a bubble. During the healing my body was pulsating with energy and I have never felt a warmth that was so soothing and protecting like I did with this healing. I really recommend this healing to anyone who wants to feel whole and full of energy again. Thank you dear Jo, I feel like a new person.

    15 February 2022
    Durban, South Africa

  5. Bex

    Jo is amazing. This isn’t my first session with her. The latest session was very powerful and emotional. It brought many tears and positive energy recharged for sure.
    Thank you Jo for your spiritual guidance. 🙏

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