Medium Crystal Skulls


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Various Skull, cleansed, charged and activated.

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It is believed that crystal skulls have a spiritual purpose, such as storing ancient wisdom, healing, or enhancing psychic abilities. They can be used for meditation, divination, increasing spiritual awareness or energy work. The metaphysical properties of the crystals can amplify intentions.

These skulls are 2 or 3 inches (as stated)

All skulls will be cleansed and charged before dispatch, and activated when stated.

**UK delivery only – usually dispatched within 2 working days

Local collection/pickup is Worcester WR3

2 reviews for Medium Crystal Skulls

  1. Debbie (verified owner)

    I got carried away and bought 2 medium skulls and a small skull. I love them and look forward to bonding with them. I do feel a connection with them which I hope will grow. I have one with me now (tucked in my bra for safe keeping!) and today I’ve been aware of the positive thoughts and energy she is giving me.

  2. Pamela (verified owner)

    I love my rose quartz skull. Beautiful. Who knew a crystal skull could be such pleasure!

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