Finding inner peace

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Walking alone in the sunshine is an easy way to find your inner peace.

Walking away from the energy of others, however much we love them is sometimes necessary for our own wellbeing.

Mum is finding today particularly difficult, and that takes its toll on me, living with her and caring for her full time.

So, for my own wellbeing, I stepped outside for 20 minutes and saved my sanity. (And probably her from my frustration)

It wasn’t possible for Andy and I to walk together today, so he went for his walk alone too

Stepping away gives everyone time to remember the bigger picture, and remember that life isn’t easy for anyone.

The stress and build up to the holiday season is too much for anyone to handle, and the plug has to be pulled out eventually.

Love, kindness and respect cost nothing, unless you allow yourself and others to treat you without them, it’s then that they cost you everything.

Enjoy your day, and accept yourself for who you truly are.

Reach out if I can help you to find your peace and calm.

Much love



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