How can colour help you?

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Did you know that each colour has its own frequency?

The majority of us are fortunate enough to see the beauty of colour all around us, even if we cant see it, we can still benefit from it’s beauty.

Colour therapy was my very first training course in holistic therapy, and it is one that I tend to use in phases, although colour is always in my work and my life .

Colour therapy is a form of holistic healing that uses colours to influence our mood, emotions, and wellbeing. According to colour therapists, each colour has a specific vibration and frequency that can affect our energy field and balance our chakras. By exposing ourselves to different colours, we can stimulate or calm our mind and body, and enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Some of the benefits of colour therapy include:

  • Red: Red is the colour of vitality, passion, and courage. It can boost our energy levels, increase our blood circulation, and stimulate our nervous system. Red can also help us overcome fear, anger, and depression.
  • Orange: Orange is the colour of creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. It can inspire us to express ourselves freely, embrace new opportunities and have fun. Orange can also help us cope with stress, anxiety, and loneliness.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the colour of intellect, optimism, and confidence. It can enhance our mental clarity, concentration, and memory. Yellow can also help us develop a positive attitude, overcome self-doubt, and achieve our goals.
  • Green: Green is the colour of harmony, balance, and growth. It can promote healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Green can also help us connect with nature, feel more compassionate and empathetic.
  • Blue: Blue is the colour of communication, peace, and wisdom. It can calm our mind, soothe our emotions, and reduce inflammation. Blue can also help us speak our truth, listen attentively, and gain insight.
  • Indigo: Indigo is the colour of intuition, imagination, and spirituality. It can open our third eye chakra, enhance our psychic abilities, and deepen our meditation. Indigo can also help us access higher realms of consciousness, discover our purpose, and connect with our guides and angels.
  • Violet: Violet is the colour of transformation, transcendence, and divinity. It can purify your aura, release our karma, and align us with our soul’s mission Violet can also help us experience bliss, unity, and enlightenment.
    Colour therapy can be practiced in various ways, such as wearing coloured clothes or accessories, using coloured lights or candles, painting, or drawing with colours, meditating on colours, or receiving colour therapy sessions from a professional practitioner.

Colour therapy is a simple yet powerful way to improve your wellbeing on all levels. You may want to experiment with different colours to see how they affect you personally, and find out which ones resonate with you most.

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