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Over the years and through experience it has become clear to me that sometimes we only get the information from spirit that they want us to hear.

Have you ever been left in hope, when deep down you already know the truth?

Maybe they do this to protect us, but in my opinion it can cause more harm than the truth does.

Spirit have their own time scale, and I’m pretty certain that their clocks don’t always align with ours. The spirit world don’t need to worry about human needs, basic daily structure, food, paying bills, and at times I’m not sure that they understand human emotions either. I do however love them dearly, and appreciate our connection, and the love and wisdom that they share. I can and will only share with you what they share with me.

Therefore, I am changing the way that I work. It has been a difficult decision but as I now align fully to my values and beliefs the time has come to make these changes. The more that I walk my spiritual path, raise my vibe and walk in my truth, the more I need to keep adjusting the way that I work, and align to my true purpose. It happens to all of us.

Many of you know that I have never been the ‘general’ psychic reader, and whilst I am told that I give precise and accurate guidance and predictions, some subjects are no longer flowing.  Recently it seems that my spirit team along with my intuition, are giving guidance to clients around regarding their next steps, focusing on aligned action and helping them to navigate through situations of the past, present and future.

So, when you book in for a guidance appointment with me you are likely to hear how you can move forward, how you can make your best choices, and how you can align to the best outcome for you.

It’s always best to come with an open mind, and whilst you may have one question or topic in mind, the information that I am likely to get through for you, will be for your best interest and highest good.

I can connect you to the energy of your loved ones in spirit during an appointment – at times I have been known as a psychic medium, the difference now is that I will ask you who you wish to connect with rather than playing guessing games and wondering who we are talking too.  I am a channel, which means that I can usually bring through the energy of your choice. We are all connected, we are all energy, we just need to tune in. We are all connected as one!

I take mental health seriously, and I would never deny healing to anyone in a time of need. Spirit may offer guidance, but I am not qualified to offer advice, I would always recommend contacting a mental health specialist during darker times.  I will always offer a distant healing appointment which can help to change your mind set and offer relaxation. I do not claim to cure, but healing is scientifically proven to benefit mental wellbeing, Bruce Lipton Ph.D. Scientist and Spiritualist can provide more information on this. Once you are feeling better, I welcome you to book an online session to help you to move forward.

Please always remember that whilst guidance is beneficial, I, and in fact any psychic is obliged by UK law to state that any information passed on to you is for the purpose of entertainment only, and you always have your own free will when making decisions.

My healing appointments are falling into alignment too, look out for more info coming soon.

I would love to connect with you and help you to understand how you can make the best choices and live your best life.

If you would like to work with me, I offer a full guidance appointment, or a 3 card reading with a voice recorded message. You can Book Here or find out more.

I welcome your feedback, and as always please feel free to share with anyone who maybe interested,

Love and blessing


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