I have been giving myself some much needed time for reflection, alignment, love and nurture. Some of you may already know that I have been through a time of feeling vulnerable, questioned my path and my purpose, and at times questioned who I am connecting with.

Being honest, I was ready to throw in the towel and quit my spiritual journey – not even sure that I knew when my new path would show up, or indeed where it would take me, somehow that didn’t feel important, as long as I ended where I was.

Going through an upgrade, can be extremely painful, dark and scary, feelings just can’t be put into words, fear and anxiety kick in, and before you know it, you have lost control and no longer know who you are.

It is vital to give yourself time, love and nurture, time to heal some of your deepest wounds that are showing up for your attention.

During my recent dark night of the soul scenario, I shed another layer of my shadow, a deeper level to the inner child healing that I had started this time last year – childhood trauma that I had pushed under the carpet for decades, another layer has now gone and I have healed another aspect of myself.

My guides gave me space to breathe, time to retreat, and have held my hand and gently guided me back with some deep and meaningful messages of clarity, acceptance and understanding.

So, here I am, back on track, aligned and at peace with who I am once more.

I am back here writing this for you because I valued myself enough to retreat and allowed my vulnerability to be seen. I broke down barriers, I acknowledged the pain and relived my hurt, as I did, I created more space for new light to flood in. All, as the energies of the new moon in Taurus led us into the high vibration of manifestation.

So if you think a Spiritual ascension journey is about sitting in meditation and lighting a few candles, you couldn’t be further from the truth, it will help you set your intentions and raise your vibrations though.

If you, like me are truly on an ascension journey, you will have to work through your shadow, the part of you that you hide in the closet, you will at times feel unsupported, lonely and even unhappy. It is when we bring this darkness into the light, that we transform our lives, and the real magic happens.

I am feeling stronger, and the most aligned that I have ever felt, I have some strong boundaries in place to assist me, and most importantly I learned to rest before I quit.

My love and thanks must go to Spirit for holding my hand, and holding space for me whilst they opened my spiritual portal further. My love and thanks must also go to my wonderful Andy for understanding and supporting me, Mum for giving me space, and to all of my followers and clients for waiting patiently for my return.

Sending you my love, and reminding you that you are never alone – I am here to hold your hand and walk with you.


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  1. What a journey glad you are back, with my reading the other night I feel I might be on this journey soon too, glad you will be there for me when I need help. You are an inspiration to us all. You have moved me forward in my journey so much even when I did not believe in myself, thank you Jo.


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