Inner Child Healing

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Did you know that when we work back through the layers of our insecurities and self-limiting beliefs, more often than not we arrive back at our childhood, situations and experiences that are imprinted and impacting on our lives today?

Are you ready to heal the past and release the trauma that is preventing you from moving forward? Jo is an International Healer, her intention is to help you to transform your life by removing energetic blockages, and guiding you forward in life.

Are you feeling lost, frustrated or unable to move forward in life? Why not book a healing session with Jo that is likely to free you forward in life?

During an Inner child healing session, you are likely to experience deep transformation within your life, as you cut through energetic chords and heal any old mental and emotional wounds that you may not even be aware of.

Meeting the younger version of yourself (child or adult) at this point in your life can be the missing link, bringing forth the love and nurture that your soul yearns.
When working with Jo you will have the opportunity to rise from the hidden depths within yourself, releasing things such as self-doubt, anger or frustration, and step right into the amazing you with love, confidence and pride.

When we acknowledge the emotions that are holding us back, we are able to clear the past, increase our vibrations and expand our consciousness. We can set ourselves free from repeating the same belittling thought patterns, preventing ourselves from living in anger, frustration, sadness and pain.

An inner child healing session with Jo can help you to recognise, identify & acknowledge any pre-programmed thought patterns or deep-seated energies that are playing out in you, they are then healed and released. Jo will dedicate herself fully to helping you to set and achieve your own goals as you heal & transform your life.

During your time working with Jo you will have the opportunity to open up and understand yourself fully, working through emotions and thought patterns that are preventing you from living the true authentic life that is calling you. Grieving for the life that you wish to live can bring no end of fear, guilt, inadequacy, or a feelings of just wanting to give up.

Appointments can be on zoom or in person with Jo in her treatment room in Worcester town Centre. (UK)

What Do My Clients Say?


The Inner Child Healing with dear Jo is a very uplifting and an amazing experience. It addresses all kinds of traumas and other negative experiences from childhood. I was really feeling stuck and now after this session with Jo, I am more confident, brave, and decisive. I would recommend the Inner Child healing to everyone who had negative experiences in their childhood
Rated 5 out of 5



This is an absolutely amazing experience… Very powerful, very moving and I’m so glad I undertook this. I have much more understanding of myself now and I am looking forward to repeating this group soon. Jo Kelsall is so welcoming and supportive and created a safe, warm environment…. Can’t recommend her highly enough!
Rated 5 out of 5


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