Refund and Cancellation Reminder

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A polite reminder.

I have had to navigate a few hiccups with clients recently, and it comes with sadness that I need to write this message once more.

Please remember that when you book an appointment with me, be it online or in person, you are paying for the time slot, not just my services. Please remember payment must be received upon booking.  

Whilst I generally bend over backwards to ensure that all my clients get the most out of their time with me, sadly sometimes I am expected to continue with the full appointment time from the time of arrival, even though some people arrive more than a few minutes late.

Please may I remind you that it is not my responsibility:

  • To make you aware of roadworks in the area, that might make you late.
  • To teach you how to install and use zoom
  • To wait while you find your charger
  • To wait while you deal with your children.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will turn up for your appointment a couple of minutes early, and wait.

I will do my best to help you with technical issues, but please understand that the time spent doing this will be deducted from your appointment time.

I always leave myself a short change over gap between clients, this is to ensure that I can clear the energies from the previous client, as well as meet my own needs.

I can, and I do reschedule appointments in line with my policy, however when people clearly take advantage of my time, I’m afraid no refund nor reschedule will be offered.

My refund and cancellation policy has always been available on my website, both in the menu and in the product where you pay for your session. Please refer to it.  

And finally before I go, PLEASE let me know prior to your appointment if you are having difficulties, that way we can sort things out more easily.

Big thank you for all your support,

I look forward to connecting soon,

Best wishes,


ps the image used here was a screen shot of my Zoom screen taken during a late arrival recently- 40.41 minutes. As you can see from the photo it is nearly 7:30pm, the appointment was 7pm.


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