What is Light Language?

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Light language is a multi dimensional Universal language, understood by our heart not our human mind.

I began speaking light language openly in April 2021, although I have been speaking it in my head for much of my life without realising.

I am told by the ‘Angelics’ who channel through me, light language, also known as soul language is an ancient sacred language, here to bring wisdom, healing and understanding on a soul level.

Light language, a collective of light codes and frequencies is communicated by me through my heart, eyes and mouth, sometimes I will also use my hands to direct the energy.

It can be an emotional experience as it is received mainly by feelings. It will shift energy and create space for you to bring forward your true purpose, as you walk your path in oneness with all that is.

When we open our hearts and surrender to the divine, we gain peace, clarity and understanding, we accept ourselves for who we are.

We are our teachers in this lifetime.

Here is a short light language message for you – open your heart and receive.

If you would like to book a one to one light language healing session with me, please visit the website and purchase a 30 minute zoom appointment.

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  1. Lovely Jo, lovely so peaceful


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