When are you in your happy place?

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For me I am happiest when I have space to breathe, the quietness to think, and the opportunity to be myself without judgment.

So often we find ourselves fitting in with other people’s idea of happy such crowded places, noisy environments and meeting others to make them happy, keeping the peace.

How do you feel when you are fitting into somebody else’s box?
How do you feel when you do things because you think that you should?

Living out of alignment will bring negative energies, emotional hurt often known as triggers to the front and centre. Triggers are the doorways to our deepest wounds, wounds being fear, guilt, not feeling worthy, co- dependency the list goes on.

Our wounds often stem back from our childhood, or a younger version of us. A time, through no fault of anyone, we were pre-programmed to our patterns and self-limiting beliefs. These behaviours are played out in our conscious and sub-conscious mind throughout adulthood unless we choose to act.

Acknowledging triggers and wounds is the first and biggest step towards breaking free from the old you and setting your self free to live the life that you desire, the life that fulfils you and your needs, the life that leads you to happiness, to a more peaceful and purposeful life.

A life where you are in control, rather than living in fear, guilt or even shame. You deserve to be free!

If this is you, I challenge you to find your true happy place today. Maybe it is only for 5 or 10 minutes, but it belongs to you!

Many of my clients have had life changing experiences when working through inner child healing with me, I can help you too.

What my clients say.
Raneshree Moodley
The Inner Child Healing with dear Jo is a very uplifting and an amazing experience. It addresses all kinds of traumas and other negative experiences from childhood. I was really feeling stuck and now after this session with Jo, I am more confident, brave, and decisive. I would recommend the Inner Child healing to everyone who had negative experiences in their childhood.

This is an absolutely amazing experience… Very powerful, very moving and I’m so glad I undertook this. I have much more understanding of myself now and I am looking forward to repeating this group soon. Jo Kelsall is so welcoming and supportive and created a safe, warm environment…. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

I joined Jo for an inner child healing session and felt quite anxious, knowing that my inner child had a very bumpy childhood. Jo was calm, reassuring and gentle. The experience of meeting my inner child was powerful and deep. It gave space to reflect on things from a different perspective, without judgement and surrounded by love. Afterwards, I felt calm and knew that ‘stuff’ had shifted. It made a difference. Very happy to recommend this session with Jo to others. Give it a go!


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