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Pendulums for dowsing and divination

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A crystal pendulum is a tool that can be used for divination, healing, and energy work. A crystal pendulum consists of a crystal attached to a chain or cord, which can be held and swung over a person, an object, or a map. The crystal pendulum can help answer yes or no questions, locate sources of energy, clear negative vibrations, and balance the chakras.

Dowsing is an ancient practice of locating water, metals, or other objects by using a rod, a twig, or a pendulum. The origin of dowsing is not clear, but some historical records suggest that it was used in ancient Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome.

Dowsing with pendulums for energy healing can be a powerful tool, when working on balancing chakras and changing the vibration of energy frequencies. Healing should not be considered a replacement for medical advise, rather a complementary one,

While it is believed that one can gain answers and guidance through dowsing, please note that it should not be used instead of your own free will or professional advice.

All pendulums will be cleansed and charged before dispatch.

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1 review for Pendulums

  1. Tanya (verified owner)

    I felt the time was right to purchase a pendulum after years of curiosity. So I purchased the Round Amethyst Pendulum. Under Jo’s guidance I was able to connect and work with my pendulum beautifully. My main use for it is to use alongside Reiki. But I have found other uses for it too that its incorporated into my life almost on a daily basis. I can honestly say it was one of my best decisions I’ve ever made to purchase!

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