Building positive relationships with baby massage.

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Did you know that building positive relationships begins at birth?

Baby massage is an ideal way to help and your baby through the usual infant conditions such as colic, reflux, teething, anxiety & constipation.

It will also boost your baby’s immune system, circulation and induce sleep, it is deeply relaxing and beneficial to both of you. Creating a unique lifelong bond together through massage releases your happy hormones (endorphins), meaning it will help you to feel less stressed and anxious, making parenting a little less exhausting and overwhelming.

Baby massage also helps with baby’s brain development, co-ordination and mobility. It helps you to build confidence in handling your baby, understanding your baby’s cues, and is known to be beneficial for those suffering with PND.
It’s never to late to create the deep and meaningful bond, that only massage can provide.

Baby massage helps you to acknowledge and understand that you are teaching your baby to feel safe, loved and understood right from the start, all through your hands, which are filled with unconditional love, nurture and calm.

I have been teaching baby massage since 2008, and independently since 2009. I am VTCT trained and qualified.

At the beginning of lockdown in 2020, I put baby massage online in the form of video tutorials, PDF documents, tips and tricks.

If you would like to learn the most natural and loving way to nurture your little one, the art of baby massage is for you.

This unique and carefully written programme gives you everything you need to massage your baby. a one off purchase gives you lifelong access to the course content, just download and save on your device.

Here is what my clients say.

Meg – What an incredible course! Jo’s instructions are so clear and easy to follow. The massage routines themselves are so beautiful and well-designed to create the most love-filled bond between you and your baby. Having this time to connect with your little one is so precious. Baby massage with Joanna Kelsall is a true gift and I strongly recommend all parents to incorporate this into their night time routine! So grateful to have come across this course!

Sarah – Jo is lovely, a really great teacher with a very relaxed attitude, feels like you’ve known her for years after just a few minutes! The baby massage classes are lovely and its such a nice thing to do after bath time, my son loves it.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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