Divine Angelic Resonance

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What is Divine Angelic Resonance?

It is a healing energy channelled directly from the higher beings of light, the Galactic Councils, the Greater community, and the highest Angelic light. For those familiar with Reiki and Angelic Healing, Divine Angelic Resonance, DAR for short works in a similar way.

All healers, and energy healing will radiate a frequency aligned with them and their vibration, not all Reiki Practitioners will radiate the same energy, even when attuned to the same level of Reiki. Therefore it is important that you look for a healer / Practitioner that is aligned to you, someone who you feel drawn to, you feel safe with – energy talks!

How will it help me?

DAR is a high frequency energy, here to bring balance into your everyday life. It will raise your vibrations leaving you feeling more positive and upbeat. It will raise your consciousness leading you into your 5D world with ease and speed. The energy and light codes will work to reboot your DNA as you repair and reclaim the essence of who you truly are.

Divine Angelic Resonance is here to awaken your spiritual senses and provide deep transformational healing for your soul. Its unique energy aligns to each individual client and provides energy and light codes specifically for each person.

What happens during a treatment?

You will need a quiet space to relax as I guide you gently on a healing meditation to connect to the energy of Divine Angelic Resonance. I will then leave you to enjoy the relaxation as we work for you, We being my spiritual team, and yours (guides and angels). During the healing you maybe asked to visualise, if you find this difficult don’t worry I will be doing the work for you, you can relax and let your imagination fill in the gaps.

At the end of the session we will take a few minutes discussing your healing, giving me the opportunity to provide you with tips to continue your healing process.

Clients generally leave the appointment feeling uplifted, inspired empowered and feeling fabulous.

Appointments are currently held on Zoom, so you will need a good internet connection and knowledge of zoom.

Who can treat me?

DAR was gifted to me in 2021 by the ‘higher realms’, therefore it is currently only available with me.

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I look forward to connecting with you, and sharing the most Divine Angelic Resonance with you.

Much love



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