Divine Angelic Resonance Distant Healing

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A High Vibe Reset is designed to give you a spiritual MOT, reset your vibe and get you back on track.

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What is a Divine Angelic Resonance Distant Healing appointment?

It’s a High Vibe Reset and a unique blend of my energies, and Divine Angelic Resonance frequencies.   It’s rather like a spiritual MOT carried out through distant healing. Divine Angelic Resonance is an energy here to awaken our spiritual senses. It is powerful, life changing and serene

An appointment is likely to consist of:

  • A DNA reboot, to kick start and repair your energies
  • An energy recall
  • Chakra overhaul, to bring you back into balance and help you to maintain your general wellbeing.
  • Divine Angelic Resonance light codes to bring in new energy for you next step on your journey.

Appointments will last up to 30 minutes

During your appointment time all you need to do is relax, undisturbed while I connect to you, and your higher conscious over distance.
During that time you may feel energetic sensations, have thoughts, visions, an emotional healing release, or you may be so relaxed that you gently drift off to sleep.
At the end of the session I will send feedback..  I invite you to send feedback to me also.

If you would like to book, please also include your availability when your purchase. Please note there may be up to a 2 week wait for appointments.

Please be aware of any time difference as Jo is based in the UK (GMT/BST) Please contact us if you require more information. Before you purchase, please note the following:

  • You should seek medical advice if you are Mentally ill or unwell
  • You have the openness to receive and accept the healing
  • Please note that communication will be in English
  • Full payment is required at time of booking to confirm your appointment.
  • Admin fees may be charged for rescheduled appointments

Once you have purchased your healing, please contact us to book your appointment. All purchases are subject to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

5 reviews for Divine Angelic Resonance Distant Healing

  1. Lisa

    I highly recommend this, I felt completely relaxed and could see beautiful colours as though I was experiencing the northern lights. I had tingling sensations on my body but it wasn’t unpleasant. I have health issues and chronic pain. I felt like I was free from my body and no pain it was a beautiful feeling. I also had major difficulty’s sleeping when I had this it was the best I have slept for a long time

  2. Jass

    This was an amazing experience! I felt a sensation as Jo was doing her work and I just felt like negative energy was being drawn out to allow more positive energy in. This experience helped me to deal with feelings I’d been ignoring and by acknowledging these feelings I felt much lighter. The card readings were very accurate and made me think about certain aspects of my life. I would highly recommend this and Jo is such a joy to work with. Thank you Jo xx

  3. Trace

    I would absolutely thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone to undertake anything with Jo….. Healing, meditation or the High Vibe reset….. It is absolutely money well spent…. A wonderful investment in yourself and something that will stay with you always….. Like having a little superpower in your back pocket…..you can take out and use anytime, anyplace and be so much better mind, body and soul for doing so!…….

    Thanks so much Jo….. You’re an amazing woman doing amazing things!!! I hope you feel as appreciated as you are.

  4. Sandra Mayson

    This energy is amazing, it is completely different to energies I have had in the past from Jo. My body tingled all over and I felt peace and calm come over me, it has really helped me with some emotional sadness that I am going through at the moment. I received some interesting feedback from Jo at the end of the session. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  5. J M (verified owner)

    What can I say I was going through a lot of
    Emotional sadness. But soon has Jo sent the healing I felt myself feeling relaxed and at peace and letting go of emotional stuff
    Money well spent. I would highly recommend this healing I had the best nights sleep 😴 which I never thought possible. It’s a beautiful feeling when Jo works with you this review is long time over due. Jo is so patient, and careing. And she would try and help to her best of her abilities. She is one of the best Healers I ever come across in my life. I smiling Again with this healing And back to my cheeky self. Try A Session you would never be disappointed. I off out now. With my head high up, which was impossible to do before.
    I feel at peace with myself. And I shall book another session. Try it you wont be disappointed. She’s my Angel And A Remarkable woman.🙏❤️

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