Healing Journal Programme

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Your healing journey to self-discovery.

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Heal your past, your present and your future.
Understand your lessons, accept your gifts, as you motivate and manifest into your future.

You will receive the knowledge, confidence, and tools to journey through your timelines. As you remember and understand who you are, you can set yourself free from past trauma, karmic wounds, ancestral patterns, childhood wounds and more.
With the assistance of your guides and the higher realms I will guide you on a number of meditation journeys to your own sacred space, you will learn to connect and heal yourself on a deeper level, holding yourself accountable for your actions and choices.

As you shift, align, and heal through the programme there will be benefits, such as:

  • Having positive relationships
  • Increased Self-worth
  • A deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Feeling calmer and more positive
  • Feeling more energised and focussed
  • A stronger connection to the spirit world
  • A sense of freedom and self- control.

This programme is a form of personal and spiritual life coaching. Over the 15 weeks we will regularly come together as a group, to delve deeper pushing you further along your path to self-discovery and freedom.

The journey is incredibly simple,Β  the changes you will see within yourself will be life changing, are you are ready to make the commitment to yourself and your future?

You will have access to a private Facebook study group, where you are encouraged to engage and support each other through your journey.

Course Requirements

  • An oracle Deck
  • A plain or ruled Journal
  • Knowledge and access to Zoom
  • You need to be able to find peace and stillness within – meditate.
  • You must have the openness and commitment to heal on an emotional level.
  • You should be open to universal energy, such as reiki, energy healing and angels.



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