Embrace Your Light Journal Masterclass

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Journey to Self Discovery is an empowering and life changing experience, Please check Masterclass dates before purchasing.

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Welcome to Embrace Your Light Journal with your coach Joanna Kelsall, where you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let me be your guide on this beautiful path to authenticity and freedom.
Do you want a new tool to keep you inspired and on track in everyday life?
Have you ever heard ‘just journal on it’ and don’t know where to start? Are you someone who thinks that Journaling is a burden or complicated, well it’s not! Journaling can be fun, inspirational, empowering and life changing.
Discover the six simple steps to effectively structure your journal, gaining clarity and unlocking self-reflection as you embark on a transformative journey. Your journal becomes a powerful tool for positive change, uncovering your true self. It helps you embrace your full potential and live a more fulfilling life.
Creating your own daily journal will help you to be more focused and empowered, to be more authentic and aligned and will also help accelerate your personal growth and development. Playing with your oracle cards is a fun, enlightening, and an  accurate way to understand yourself like never before.
Are you ready to change your life?
Committing to a 28 day journey of personal growth and development, you unlock a profound understanding of yourself.  You will have the knowledge, passion and understanding to walk a path of authenticity and truth, the first step to becoming something even better, a continual journey to self love and self acceptance.
My aim is that you will begin to see results within the first 7 days if you dedicate 15 minutes each day and have the determination to invest in you. Within just 28 days, and by following 6 simple steps you will have a greater understanding of yourself and your needs, which will bring clarity to your life path.
Are you ready to learn from your oracle deck and have fun with your cards?
How do we do it?
Each day you go through 6 simple steps, learning to look inwards, to establish your strengths and weaknesses as you value you.
The initial session will be held via Zoom and last up to 2 hours, I will teach you the benefits of going through the daily practice of 6 simple steps and what you can expect to see and achieve.
Within the private study group you will gain support and motivation from like minded people. We check in for more coaching weekly over the month to see how you are getting on, what you are noticing, and how you are feeling. You will be invited back on Zoom to celebrate your achievements at the end of the 28 days.
There is a private Facebook study group for those who wish to have the support of fellow student’s, this is not compulsory.
  • You will also get discounted 121 appointments with me for the duration of your training ro support you on your journey
  • The chance to win a free 30 minute zoom  with me.
  • A free learn to meditate masterclass
You will need.
• Access to and Knowledge of Zoom for the initial session (camera off if you prefer).
• A new notebook ruled or plain, one that feels nice and special to you.
• 15 minutes each day, for 28 days.
• An oracle deck (please contact me if you need further assistance)
• A willingness to change your life.
Masterclass – no previous knowledge is required.
Spaces are limited.
Once payment has been made please contact for the Zoom link and also the link to a private facebook study group, if you wish,
Due to the nature of the group Masterclass, a replay will not be available.
Refunds will not be given.

8 reviews for Embrace Your Light Journal Masterclass

  1. Jass

    The healing journal masterclass has been amazing! I wasn’t sure what people meant when they said to journal so this course was perfect to give me the steps to do it effectively. It helped me build my connection with God, spirituality and angels. This resulted in me feeling calmer and more positive.
    Jo was an invaluable support and always on hand to help with anything. It was lovely have regular catch ups and see how everyone on the course is getting on.
    I would highly recommend doing this course and had left me life long skills to help me on my journey.

  2. Lisa Marshall-Hill

    This is absolutely amazing!! The guidance from Jo of what to journal and how has been brilliant, I have found it life changing and I am understanding myself and my life on so many levels now. The clarification and guidance I am receiving is nothing short of fantastic and has really helped me turn my outlook on a lot of things around. The cards have always been so accurate every single time. There have been days where in my situation I was ready to give up on the day before it had even started and doing my journal changed my mindset completely and gave me a huge boost my energy literally switched and I had a good day. It was nice to take some time just for me. Being part of a group with people with similar situations and on similar journeys has been so lovely and shows your not alone with whatever your dealing with. I really do highly recommend this and I’m so grateful to Jo for teaching it to us.

  3. Emma Ritchie

    The healing journal masterclass with Jo has been an amazing journey it definitely makes you understand yourself on a deeper level and you see patterns emerging…..Jo is a very good and patient teacher I have done a lot of different things with Jo and she really pushes you in a good way to find the answers to your questions instead of answering them for you, which once you figure it out is the only way to learn and grow…..I would definitely encourage anyone thinking of doing this masterclass to give it a go you won’t regret it Thank you Jo for your endless encouragement and patience!

  4. Pam (verified owner)

    The journaling has become part of my daily routine and I love that. Time dedicated to self care and a structure to follow that takes you to a deeper understanding of yourself. Releasing and moving on from old limitations. Still a long way to go but Jo is such a brilliant support and gives great guidance. Excited for the next level.

  5. Debbie Jolliffe

    The Healing journal is an amazing tool to learn about yourself and to access and address deeply buried trauma. It has helped me enormously and is empowering and enlightening. I have learned that I am enough, I am worthy and I am loved. Healing and growth is assured so come on! What are you waiting for!!

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