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Light language is a form of spiritual communication, a powerful healing modality as well as being a powerful ascension tool.

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Light Language supports you on your journey to Self -Awakening.

Light language is a form of spiritual communication that transcends words and logic. It is said to be the language of the soul, encoded with frequencies of light and sound.

A light language session is a type of energy healing that uses sound and vibration to activate your DNA and align you with your highest potential.

It can help you access higher dimensions of consciousness and activate your innate healing abilities. Light language can also assist you in expressing your true self and aligning with your soul purpose and bringing harmonic resonance to your entire being. It is said to originate from the higher realms of existence, galactic beings, angels where beings communicate through vibration and frequency. We can also channel other civilisations that existed here on earth such as Atlantis and Lemuria. It is a way of connecting with one’s true essence and divine purpose.

Light language is a powerful ascension tool that connects to you on a soul level, bringing healing, clarity, movement and freedom to you. Light language can activate healing, awakening,  transformation and can activate higher consciousness healing the body and soul.

We can not learn Light Language, we don’t need to as it has always been sitting dormant within us, you will need an activation to awaken the frequencies and codes.
Anybody can access the beautiful, powerful vibration of light language, the main ways to communicate and express it are;

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Signed
  • Dance

Some can communicate using them all, where others will maybe have one or two, or a preferred one.

If you are interested in activating the language of your soul, it is always best to put the time and effort in to heal and clear your channel first, being the best version of you that you can will ensure that your channel is clear and cleansed.

During your session you will receive;

  • A live healing meditation to prepare you for your activation.
  • A live channelled verbal Light Language activation unique to you.
  • A written symbol /code unique to you.
  • The opportunity to discuss your experiences
  • The opportunity for questions and queries.
  • You session will last up to 90 mins
  • 1 x 15 minute follow up appointment one week after your activation. (arranged at time of booking)

To learn light language, you need to be able to open your heart and trust your intuition. The more you practice, the more you will develop your own unique style and expression of light language.

We don’t always see immediate results following an activation, but the more we practice the sooner it will happen, the important thing is to trust and allow the energy to do its thing as you process and align to the higher frequencies

I recommend booking a healing session, self healing or meditating for a few days prior to your activation.

Please be aware of any time difference as Jo is based in the UK (GMT/BST) Please contact us if you require more information.
Before you purchase, please note the following:

  • You have access to the internet and knowledge of Zoom for online appointments.
  • A quiet and comfortable space where you will remain undisturbed throughout your appointment
  • You should seek medical advice if you are Mentally ill or unwell
  • You have the openness to receive and accept the healing activation
  • The more work you put in the the sooner you will see results
  • Please note that communication will be in English & Light Language
  • Full payment is required at time of booking to confirm your appointment.
  • Admin fees may be charged for rescheduled appointments

Once you have purchased your activation, please contact us to book your appointment. All purchases are subject to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions


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