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An online Reiki training programme extending you from beginner to practitioner. Please contact for registration and training dates.


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The Reiki training programme covers both Shoden and Okuden

Shoden - Reiki Level 1: First Degree is hands on and the emphasis is on healing family, friends and yourself. The appropriate attunements will encourage self empowerment, physical and emotional balancing and spiritual development.

Okuden – Reiki Level 2: Second Degree will deepen your understanding and it is a practitioner level. It covers hands on and distance healing and the symbols

There are eight online lessons that you are required to attend. This training programme is insurable, even though  you may only wish to treat yourself, friends and family. (please check with your insurer, particularly if you are outside the UK)

Your certificate will be issued on successful completion of attendance and interaction,  attunements, assessments and case studies.

Course Syllabus :

  • Origins of Reiki
  • Self healing
  • How to treat others
  • Reiki hand positions
  • Grounding and protection
  • What can reiki be used for
  • Chakras & Auras
  • Study the symbols of second degree Reiki
  • How to send distant healing
  • How to give a professional Reiki treatment
  • How to set up a reiki practice
  • Lineage

Your purchase includes

  • PDF documents of the Reiki first and second degree handbooks
  • 6 online attunements
  • 8 real time live group online training sessions with Jo over Zoom lasting approximately 2 hours each.
  • Full access to the private Reiki Academy group for support during your training and attunements.
  • Reiki one & two certificate sent via email. (or posted to you for a minimal fee)

Before you purchase please ensure

  • You have access to the internet and Zoom
  • You have your own personal facebook profile so that you can join the group.
  • You will have a quiet space to attend the lessons, accept the attunement, and become familiar with the energies
  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell
  • You have the openness and commitment to receive and accept the energy
  • You are committed to 10 minutes of more of daily self healing.
  • You are committed to practice Reiki on yourself and/ or others and send feedback in the form of assessments,  case studies, either written or via voice recording.
  • You are aware of which insurance companies will cover online learning.

No Prerequisite for this training  programme

If you are outside of the UK, please ensure that you will be able to get insurance before joining the training programme.

Please visit our support page for further info.

5 reviews for Reiki Academy

  1. Sandra Mason

    I have completed Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Jo, it has changed my life, I am much more confident in myself, I took the courses because I was in so much pain with my arthritis that I did not know where to turn, I would have to use two crutches to get around I now only use one on occasions. Jo is a wonderful teacher, she show care and compassion and always has time for you. I am in the future looking to starting my own Reiki business.

  2. Steph

    Reiki training with Jo has been fantastic. Jo has a very calm, kind and positive approach which supports the development of her students. I would highly recommend this course to others and highly recommend Jo as your teacher.

  3. Lisa MH

    I have done Reiki 1 with Jo and it was the most amazing experience, I highly recommend it, and literally can’t wait to do the second. Jo is so caring, and gets excited for you, which is lovely and helps you every step of the way. She also checks on you regularly. Jo is very generous, kind encouraging and nurturing through the whole process and always there if you have any questions her knowledge is also second to none

  4. Joanne

    I did my reiki 1 course with Jo. She is the most amazing, caring and supportive mentor, Jo makes you feel very comfortable with your reiki journey. The aftercare and support is 1st class. I would highly recommend jo and the courses she has to offer.

  5. Rachel Bah

    I have wanted to do this for the last ten years put life got in the way. I have just completed this and so glad I did this with Jo. I feel being let down or not having the time when other courses were on was the universe’s way of holding me back until I came across the right teacher and that was Jo. I can not highly recommend enough what a great teacher Jo is. She is kind patient and dedicated to ensure you get the most out of your course. She puts you at ease and makes a learning experience a relaxing pleasure.

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